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"Jenny’s ability to continuously produce high quality communications materials is among her greatest strengths. Our annual reports, newsletters, and brochures illustrate this level of quality, as well as cost effectiveness. They have helped to both shape and communicate the image of an organization of professionals who take pride in a job well done. Similarly, she has created a media relations program and has been highly successful at getting positive media coverage for all aspects of our agency. Her work has earned six national awards and numerous local and regional awards."
Ronald A. Kratofil
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Unstoppable EntrepreneurAs an employee, entrepreneur and consultant for more than 20 years, I’ve learned a great deal. As a woman, I have a strong perspective on what makes a good team.  What helps to make this book so valuable are its varied and practical perspectives on being an unstoppable entrepreneur.

Steve Olsher, entrepreneur, keynote speaker and author, states in the book’s foreward,   “ . . . is your go-to resource for expeditiously attaining your desired results.”
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The Future Belongs to Good Corporate CitizensThe Future Belongs to Good Corporate Citizens

Building, maintaining and communicating a reputation of good corporate citizenship is not just good business—it’s a key to survival as the world economy grinds its way back to stability. As a professional communicator, you know that there has never been a better time than the present moment to advance CSR and sustainability initiatives for your organization and for your clients. And PR News’ Corporate Social Responsibility & Green PR Guidebook will be your go-to source for the essential insights, strategies and tactics that will burnish your reputation as a CSR leader and aid you in proving the value of corporate responsibility, launching programs and communicating your successes.

This Corporate Social Responsibility & Green PR Guidebook will show you how to link CSR and sustainability to brand messaging, manage CSR programs during and after a crisis, create on-point CSR reports using the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines, track your global engagement with social media listening tactics, add CSR success stories to Wikipedia entries, align business goals with CSR programs and much more.

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The Unstoppable Womans Guide to Emotional Well-Being The Unstoppable Womans Guide to Emotional Well-Being
Throughout my career, I’ve tried to take John Maxwell’s advice to heart by doing my best to add value to people’s lives and careers. Lately, in addition to consulting and speaking, I’ve not only expanded my mentoring and incorporated pro bono projects into my yearly strategic plans, but I also have begun guest blogging and writing to educate, motivate and inform others.  Meeting these other amazing women, as well as sharing what I’ve learned over the years is very exciting.

Find your passion and become unstoppable. You’re definitely worth it.

Written by 25 “regular” women from around the globe and edited by Award Winning Speaker and Acclaimed Author Erika Gilchrist!

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Employee Communications GuidebookEmployee Communications Guidebook
Dozens of internal communications experts share their best practices, checklists, role-playing suggestions, case studies and policies to help you improve workplace morale; meet the challenges of management turnover; manage crises; set boundaries on social media use; and break down the barrier between brand and employee.

This 10-chapter tutorial explains how to recruit, develop and retain top talent so that your organization doesn’t lose its number one asset. You’ll also find information on crowd sourcing techniques to tie employees’ activities more closely to the bottom line and recognize achievements; building morale through community involvement; setting policies for using social media networks and more.

The employees at your organization share messages about your brand every time they communicate with each other. This guidebook will show you how to communicate your core brand messages to your internal team members and transform them into brand ambassadors.

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